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Fuga table

The Fuga table is a sculptural table with timeless elegance.
The base is handcrafted in Belgium from four identical cast elements in bronze or cast iron, that are artistically welded into a continuous, organically shaped sculpture.
The table is named Fuga since this creative process is strikingly analogous to the composition of a musical fugue.
Just like the famous musician Yo-Yo Ma explains: “So a fugue is a beautiful musical puzzle based on just one tune. And when you layer this tune on top of itself, it starts to change and turns into a beautiful new structure.“
The table top is either glass or natural stone.
The inward bending curves of the base allow a comfortable leg space when you are seated.
The Fuga table comes in different sizes and serves as a breakfast table, console or dining table.

The table has won the prestigious ICONIC AWARDS 2024 for INTERIOR PRODUCTS.