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interior renovation of duplex condo

We undertook a complete renovation project for this duplex condo, which had been severely damaged by a fire. The objective was to create a new spatial concept and transform the space. Our design incorporates organic shapes and flowing lines, seamlessly connecting the lower and upper levels in an intriguing manner. Throughout the interior, we utilized consistent materials such as dark oak wood, Aquasensa flooring, green carpet, and marble, resulting in a Zen-like ambiance across the whole space. The highlight of the design is the rounded balcony above the corner bay window, offering breathtaking views of the sea, harbor, and hinterland. The balcony railing, referring to a ship’s bow, made of curved steel plate with perforations, adds a touch of elegance. Furthermore, we visually linked the sauna on the upper level with the living space below through a circular window.

photos by @cafeine

painting by Johanna Claerhout @jjohannart