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notary office renovation

We have masterfully transformed an ancient dwelling, previously hosting a house with an office, into a state-of-the-art notary office. This architectural rejuvenation began by introducing a grand, round bay window on a pivotal corner, which floods the office with natural light. This design choice not only brightened the previously dim office but also set the stage for the interior’s thematic continuity.

Within, the aesthetic of rounded forms flows seamlessly. A journey through the office reveals a corridor crowned with a curved vault ceiling, leading to the meeting room. This unique architectural element infuses the space with an exceptional and dynamic ambiance. Accentuating this vibe, custom-made circular wall lights grace the black walls of the staircase, injecting personality and depth into the design.

Our material selection was intentionally minimalist yet impactful. We opted for expansive ceramic floor tiles, measuring an impressive 1.2 meters each, alongside rich wooden plank flooring that adds warmth and texture. The space is further customized with bespoke furniture and a cozy, built-in sitting bench, elevating comfort and style. Special textured wallpapers and innovative paint techniques complement the scheme, with touches of bronze on curved surfaces enhancing the office’s elegance.

The renovation has invigorated the building with a new, dynamic flow, redefining its purpose and presence in the most sophisticated manner.

photos by Jan Verlinde