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village house - renovation + extension

Transforming a Village House: Renovation and Expansion

Discover the metamorphosis of a small village house in Knokke. Meticulously renovated and expanded, this architectural project now boasts a seamless blend of timeless design and modern functionality.

Through strategic adjustments, the ground level of the garden and living space has been lowered significantly. This modification creates lofty ceilings and floods the interiors with abundant natural light, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors.

A surprise awaits atop the garage building—an unseen swimming pool. Nestled discreetly within the small garden, this addition infuses the house with a delightful holiday ambiance, an oasis hidden from view yet felt in every moment.

Crafted with elegance, the house showcases a fusion of warm materials: wood, concrete with a plank structure, and natural stone. This tasteful combination delivers a spatial experience that transcends time, creating an inviting and captivating atmosphere.

Moreover, as part of a duo of terraced houses owned by a single family, a wooden sliding door connects the gardens, allowing for flexible use of the space. Whether the desire is to unify the gardens for children’s play or to enjoy moments of privacy, the door offers versatile functionality.

The renovation and extension of this village house exemplify the harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements.

images by Andreas Vanwalleghem